Pacific Region Bioenergy Partnership

Strategic Guidance Documents

Roadmap and Strategic Planning

  • MONTANA - Harvesting Energy: A Report to the 62nd Montana Legislature (Sept. 2009 for the 2009 – 2010 interim) An analysis of methods for increasing the use of forest and agricultural residues for biomass-based energy generation in Montana.

Biomass Inventories and Assessments by Pacific Region States

  • WASHINGTON - Eastern Washington Biomass Accessibility (Oct. 2009) Report to the WA State Legislature and WA Dept. of Natural Resources by the Univ. of Washington’s Rural Technology Institute (RTI) This report is based on a two-year study of forest biomass availability in Eastern Washington. This study developed new estimators for post-harvest forest residues across a range of ownerships and forest types in eastern Washington.


  • WASHINGTON - Eastern Washington Biomass Accessibility Study (Oct 2009) This case study is part of the Oct. 2009 Report above. The Chattawood timber sale is a sample unit in the 2-year study. It compares field sampling estimates against biomass recovery data to calibrate estimation procedures and identify economic thresholds


  • OREGON - Growing Oregon’s Biomass Industry: Oregon’s Forest Biomass Strategy (Nov. 2012) This report outlines a strategy for Oregon to help it increase forest biomass utilization sustainably, revitalize rural economies, and generate home-grown energy.
  • WESTERN STATES - Letter from Western Governors’ Assn. (August 2010) Letter to Carol Browner, Climate Change and Energy Advisor to the President, advocating for a clear and cohesive federal policy on the use of biomass for energy production, and the potential for negative impacts without one.